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Whether you have attended church your whole life, occasionally, or have decided to attend church for the first time, entering the doors of a church you are unfamiliar with can feel awkward, intimidating,or downright scary.  You probably do not know most or any of the people at church.  You may be unfamiliar with what goes on in a church service.  You could be wondering, "What will people think of my appearance?"

Don't worry, you will find the people who attend Riverside Drive Baptist Church welcoming and caring regardless of your appearance or how much you know about God and church.  Above all, we are very excited that you made the choice to attend our church.  It is our privilege to meet you.  Our number one priority is to be an encouragement and a source of help to you.

We have Bible school for all ages at 9:30 am, Sunday services at 10:45 am, and Sunday afternoon Bible Study at 4:00 pm. During the school year, the church has youth group.

Our church services are traditional--not for the sake of tradition, but because of our unashamed belief in God's authoritative and sufficient Word which guides how we worship God and best serve those attending church.  We sing hymns and conservative, contemporary songs.  Each service has a "children's chat," a special five minute Bible lesson for children under twelve years of age

For children four years old and younger, the church has a clean and safe nursery

staffed with ladies who are loving, kind and gentle.

While the Bible contains "rules" for our behavior, which we willingly embrace and

follow, we emphasize our Biblical belief that a child of God's priority is to love his

Savior the Lord Jesus Christ, the one who loves him and died for him so that he can

have eternal life.  When a child of God loves Jesus, he acknowledges that the Lord Jesus Christ is in charge of his life, seeks to please Jesus rather than himself, and expresses willingly his loyalty by obeying the truths of the Bible.  The child of God willingly and eagerly obeys the Bible's "rules" not out of coercion but out of love.  After all, "Jesus died for me!"

Our location is 1085 Riverside Drive (aka Route 136) in Auburn, Maine.  We are located five to ten minutes from Interstate 495 (exit 75), and twenty-five minutes from Interstate 295 (exit 22).  We are centrally located in both the twin cities of Lewiston-Auburn and its surrounding towns such as Durham and Pownal.

Riverside Drive
Baptist Church

1085 Riverside Drive

Auburn, Maine  04210

(207) 782-5400

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